Jean Morris Trumbauer from her book Congregations says;

“Imagine such a congregation – one in which everyone from small children to the ill elderly were: able to name their gifts, appreciate themselves as a unique creation of God, and participate with others in the creative and redeeming work of God in the world! Imagine a community of congregational leaders.”

Local Shared Ministry is the embodiment of Trumbauer’s concept of congregational leaders, and of the teaching of St Paul in Corinthians and Ephesians where here he calls upon us to use our diversity of gifts.

The Local shared Ministry Model is:

  • A way of structuring ministry so that the local church is responsible for establishing priorities for mission and ministry
  • A ministering community
  • Affirming of the gifts of all the baptised
  • Rooted in the New Testament: I Corinthians 12.11; Ephesians 4,7-12
  • A way of being, a culture
  • Team ministry
  • An opportunity for everyone to be involved according to their gifts, time and energy
  • A growing and evolving way of being church

In Local Shared Ministry, the ministries and missions of a parish that are traditionally carried out by a vicar are shared by members of the congregation led by a Ministry Support Team. The team is responsible for Anglican worship, fellowship and Christian outreach of St. Francis.

Three sacramental ministers chosen by the congregation were trained,then ordained by the Bishop of Auckland to celebrate the Eucharist, baptisms, weddings and funerals in the parish. An Anglican priest (known as an Enabler) provides training, wisdom, encouragement and support to the team.

A Church Council elected annually by the congregation, meets monthly and is responsible for overseeing parish policy, property capital works, maintenance and financial management.

The Parish has dedicated teams in various ministries and provides events and support to people in the community whether church-goers or not. Home Communion is available by arrangement.